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Believe it or not, we all need to care for ourselves before we can fully care for anyone else. Many clients use the self-care wheel to keep them focused on this goal. Recharge those batteries and be the best in your relationships!! Click on the picture to enlarge.

The Seven Principles book is a great supplement for our clients. I recommend purchasing a copy to really boost progress and fill-in during those days we don't see one another. Click on the book to review on Amazon.

Learn the most effective yet simple ways to show care and love in your relationships to make them better. Join our upcoming event to learn more about this topic posted on the home page. Click on the book if you are interested in purchasing a copy.

This book takes a look at loss of intimacy in relationships and how to regain some of the passion that has diminished throughout time.  Click on the book if you are interested in purchasing or reading more.

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