Individual Therapy: A big question we is whether or not you have to be in a relationship to come see us? The answer is simple, no. People seek therapy for a wide variety of reasons, from coping with major life challenges or childhood trauma, dealing with depression or anxiety, to simply desiring personal growth and greater self-knowledge.  Whatever the case we are here to help.

Allison Rosevelt, LMFT

Grief/Loss Therapy: Losing someone or something you love can be very painful and overwhelming. Extreme sadness mixed with other surprising emotions such as shock, anger and guilt are normal and necessary reactions to loss. Everyone grieves differently, but allowing yourself to experience grief is an important and healthy part of the healing process. Contact us today so we can help you through this process.


  • 50-minute session: $100
  • 80-minute session: $150
  • 2-hour initial assessment (couple or family): $200


Now accepting Cigna Health Insurance, United Behavioral/ Oxford Plans, Independence Blue Cross, Magellan, and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield.


We accept credit card, debit card, check, and cash payments. If you wish to be reimbursed through your insurance (not Cigna), we will provide you with an invoice to submit for this purpose.


Sessions can be flexible in-office, web-based, and phone, as situations necessitate. I understand you have many things going on and we can be flexible with how we work together.

Couples' Therapy: Dating, Long-term commitment, pre-engagement/marriage, newly married, divorced/ re-married, married way too long... Whatever your couple status, our focus will be on emotional healing, improved communication, understanding sex and desire, and of course, some behavior change. Now, your reasons for checking me out could be many. From "Is he/she right for me?", "Whose turn is it to make the bed?" to "Oh no! I'm being cheated on!" I use a combination of evidence-based couples' approaches (Emotionally Focused Couples' Therapy and Gottman Method).

Parent/ Child Conflict:Whether you are a single parent or 2-parent household, raising kids is tough and seemingly tougher, nowadays. Are you fighting with your son/ daughter or worried about school, drugs, nude selfies, disrespect, physical threats, running away? I have been working with children and families in crisis for 10+ yrs and use a family systems approach in therapy.


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